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Saturday, November 6, 2010

Splendid Harvest

Thinking through the thoughts of this day has been sheer delight for me. I have enjoyed such a wonderful time of just enjoying time running errands in the car, and then the afternoon just hanging out with my husband, then closing the evening with some dear friends. As the evening comes to a close, I was thinking of the time we had with our friends. We sat there sharing and listening to their time from a recent missionary journey to a foreign country. What an awesome experience that was for them, yet their journey and mine paralleled in many ways. As they journeyed physcially and went through the different towns and interacted int he lives of the people, there were so many decisions made for Christ that it would bring you to tears. Their journey was so fulfilling for them and the pictures were amazing, the stories phenomenal. For journey was not to the foreign county physically, but was journeyed with them spirtually. I fasted and prayed for them during their time there and I found such a rewarding experience in doing so. I saw and heard the Lord do many wonders as I prayed for them daily and for specific things. What God did for me was even greater. He showed me even more the importance of praying for others. This time was so different for me. It was not about just my "immediate family", I was praying for friends far away, but even more than that...I was praying for the salvation of lost souls. What God did was bring in a harvest that was truly abundant and beyond anything I could have ever imagined. He brought in a Splendid Harvest. Praise be to God for His glorious ways. Praise Him for his mighty hand and all that He has done. He is great and mighty and worthy to be praised! Thank you so much Lord for your faithfulness not only to those who went forth to work the fields for the harvest, but for your faithfulness to the prayers of your other children. Thank you that you hear our prayers and that you alone are the one who should receive all honor and glory! Psalm 36:5-7 "Your love, O Lord, reaches to the heavens, your faithfulness to the skies, Your righteiousness is like the mighty mountains, your justice like the great deep. O Lord, you preserve both man and beast. How priceless is your unfailing love! Both high and low among men find refuge in the shadow of your wings."

Friday, November 5, 2010

There's got to be more...

Ok...yes, it's been some time (ok a really long time....)since I blogged some, but there has been much going through this head of mine and now, I think I need to write it out! ?

As I've been following and watching people in how they respond to different things, I have noticed how many of them just seem to frivolously go through their days without a care in the world while feverishly searching for "things" to satisfy themselves while all the time they simply are stating...there's got to be more; while others are just engrossed with themselves that they do not take notice of the person right beside them who is hurting or broken or even lost and yet they too are searching for things to satisfy and can I find more? Then, there are those who are shattered and broken who simply say to themselves...there's got to be more than just this!?

So how do we respond to them? How are we showing them that "yes" there is something more? Do we simply find ourselves in these same places doing the same things over and over while trying to "persuade" others to believe that we too know that there is something more? I certainly hope that we are doing more than that in just trying to persuade them.?

While we were created to worship God alone, we still find ourselves drawn to the things that simply "satisfy" us. Yet we were designed with so much more in mind. In responding to others, such as those listed above, we are to be the one showing them that there is definitely something more. But we have to show this to them in more tangible ways than sitting in the pews of our favorite churches. We each need to look within ourselves and find out what we truly believe. One of my favorite writers, Hannah Whitall Smith once wrote: " nothing at all tangible. It is simply believing God; and, like sight, it is nothing apart from its object. You might as well shut your eyes and look inside, and see whether you have sight, as well as look inside to discover whether you have faith."?

Faith is going to require action and it is going to require us to be the hands and feet of Christ to show others that there is so much more. If those around us are seeking for the things that will satisfy...what are we really showing them satisfies us? Have you shown the world that there is only One who satisfies and that there truly does have to be more? How are you showing those around you that you are more than just the faith inside of you or the words you speak about God? Faith may not be at all tangible as Hannah Smith says, but it can surely be made into something of greater worth than sitting still. We have to put our faith into action and love the world to Jesus because He reveals that there is truly something more!?

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Pickin' up the pieces

There's nothing like a crisis is there? There's nothing like a crisis for bringing people together. Whether it be a family, a friend or loved one, you can't help but want to "DO SOMETHING" to help those in need.

When we look back today from all the scenes of 9/11 several years ago, we see the many faces and lives of our country that have impacted and touched our hearts all across the land. When I look upon the eyes of those who actually were at each building, I can't help but see how many people had to come together to help put everything back together again. The buildings that stood so magnificient there in New York reaching with majesty up into the sky were gone in a matter of moments. The lives of those on board those planes were gone in a matter of moments. Yet what stood strong was the people coming together as a nation without the concerns of race and color, or background, or even position. People appeared from so many places to reach out to those in need. A crisis of such magnitude really pulled people together. A crisis like a hurricane Katrina, or a tornado, or destruction brings lives together to build / re-build a place and a start a new. You just go picking up the pieces.

I am reminded of the children's rhyme - "Humpty Dumpty" and how he fell off the wall and was all cracked up into pieces and all the kings men and all the kings horses couldn't put him together again could they? We see all across the land how people come together to try to rebuild buildings and help others lives to start anew - yet sometimes when you fall off of that wall - you don't see how those pieces will ever be put back together in a crisis. It takes so long to clean up everything, and then it seems so long before there's anything rebuilt and then it seems even longer for the urgency inside of you to find comfort and peace. So how do people do it?

So many of the accounts and stories of 9/11 forever are etched in my mind. I am reminded over and over of where so many of them found their strength. So many of them clearly said that only through the Lord have they been able to move forward and to deal with all of the aftermath of emotions that flooded each of them. I wonder today where you are in your crisis?

Are you still hurting? Are you still in the brokenness? Do you feel like you can't see the light at the end of the tunnel? Well, there is hope for you today, just as there was for those lives touched and broken and wounded during the events of 9/11. There are many around you that love you and want to help you through your crisis whatever it may be today. There are many praying for you (myself included) that want to love you through it too. Deuteronomy 6:5 (NIV) says "Love the LORD your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your strength." When you feel like the crisis is about to overtake you, remember that you don't have to rely upon your own strength to get through it either. You are not alone. There are many with you who love you more than you know, support you more than you know, and want to help you more than you know. I pray that above and beyond the things of your crisis that you will allow Jesus to heal your brokenness and to find comfort in him. Yes, you may still have days of dispair, but you can start today to find wholeness. You have to take it just one day at a time and foot at time. Only through Jesus will you find the peace and comfort you are looking for today. Only through Jesus will you avoid looking like "Humpty Dumpty" and not being able to pick up the pieces. Take today to start new and fresh. Turn to Jesus and call out to him. He is mighty to save, so let Him help you "DO SOMETHING" - it's time to start where you are so you can pick up the pieces.

You are in my prayers today. God bless you.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

The Faithful One

1 Thessalonians 5:24 says "the one who calls you is faithful and he will do it." I have been so awestruck by this scripture that I wanted to share with you my thoughts and a part of my heart. I wanted to talk with you about The Faithful One! First of all, I want you to know that this Faithful One is none other than the Lord himself. I know that so often in my life I have been overwhelmed by a circumstance or a heartache and was not sure what to do. I do know that there is no greater answer than the fact that He is Faithful.

I've been watching lately as so many of my friends, ministry partners, and co-workers are struggling in so many circumstances. I am watching in amazement at how each of them are handling their situations. I can see how there are those who are walking in the confidence of the Lord and knowing He will pull them through it. I am watching and see how there are some who want to know He is there and yet can't seem to see His hand moving at all. There are those who are watching in amazement as God's hand is over everything they are doing and they can see it so evidently moving. Yet there are still those who are just choosing not to see that some of the responses to their calling upon the Lord have been answers they didn't want. How my heart goes out to each of these.

As I think of Paul and the circumstances he faced in his life in the scriptures, I am just overwhelmed to think of all he went through. He was in more "stuff" than I could have ever imagined. I mean this guy was following God. He was doing things that God told him to do. Shouldn't his life have been more abundant and full of the good things? Well, in our thinking from society today, we would tend to think that. Paul was imprisoned, flogged severely, exposed to death again & again, beaten with rods, stoned, shipwrecked 3 times (personally, I would have tried to stop after the 1st time or possibly the 2nd from that and avoided the boats all together - I mean, why would I want to end up like Gilligan on a strange island?), he's been constantly on the go, he faced dangers on every hand from bandits, rivers, Gentiles; danger in the cities, country, at sea, and false brothers; he's labored and gone without sleep, he's known hunger & thirst, and been cold and naked, and lets not forget his own thorn in the flesh! Yet, what did Paul do? He said that he took delight in all of these things because he knew that in his weakness, God would make him strong.

Now I don't know about you, but I personally would prefer to live a life without so many of those issues - yet our lives are not without problems, trials, issues, or chaos in the circumstances sometimes. When we get to these situations in our lives, we have to press on. When we think we can't go further, we have to take that one more step - and the one who called you to that place and that time, will be faithful to help us do it. I am praying for you and your situation today and will continue to lift you before the Faithful One. I will close with this verse from Colossians 2: 6.."just as you received Christ Jesus as Lord, continue to live in him, rooted and built up in him, strengthened in the faith as you were taught, and overflowing with thankfulness". Find a way to day to press on one more step - doing it with thankfulness, knowing that you will find in that next step - the Faithful One.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Something More

Have you ever wondered why it seems we never have enough? We never seem to have enough time, enough work (well for some people), enough love, enough friends, enough stuff - we always think we need something more. Why do you think that is? Why is our human nature so caught up in the needing of something more? We are such a "want" society or a "give me more" society that we have lost sight of what that something more truly is that has been missing.

I do not think it wrong that we better ourselves, or educate our ourselves and even have wealth. I do not think it wrong at all. I do, however, find it wrong when we take for granted the things we do have within our own grasp. I grew up most of life not having lots of "things" or lots of money. My mother was a single mom raising 4 of us and one thing I believe I took away from that is that she was truly a woman of faith during those years. I have watched in amazement over the years how she trusted God to provide for every little need. No, she didn't have a lot, but she had enough. She knew that God would take care of the little things. She then trusted Him as she called out to Him to handle the big things. I have taken this same perspective in my life as an adult. I know that there will be days and times when I have to do the same by trusting God to provide. What I've come to realize though, is that when I trust Him DAILY in the little things, coming to Him with the big things seems so natural.

In our lives though, we always seems to want more. I want to know that the things within my reach are things that God has entrusted to me and that I will be satisfied with the things He has entrusted to me at this time. I want to know that it has been important enough to me to trust Him in all that I say and do; that my life itself will be the "something more" that pleases God. When God looks at me, I want Him to see his daughter reflecting Him. It says in Psalm 17:15 "And I—in righteousness I will see your face; when I awake, I will be satisfied with seeing your likeness". Today, when others look at me or what I have in my life, I pray that they will not want something more from the things this world has to offer, but that they will want to be satisfied with God. I know that in this life I will want to continue to grow and mature and learn things and even succeed in things, but the theme of my life is that it will be a reflection of God in all I do and say. Today, if there is anything I want it would be that. I think that if you really want something, you'll do everything you can to get it, so today I hope if you are looking for something more to fill your "not enoughs" that you will join me and want "something more".

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

The Box

You know there is nothing like receiving a gift, is there? It has always been such a joy to me to receive them no matter the size, the color, the design or where it came from either. My husband laughs at me at Christmastime because he knows I would rather have a ton of presents than just one real big one; so most of my Christmas wish list consists of little things which about drives him nuts. But, he gets more delight waiting for me to open the next gift knowing that I will beam from ear to ear with the biggest smile because there is another gift in my lap. He and the boys just laugh thinking that mom gets excited over a little book or a scarf of some sort when they are digging to get under that tree and find out if the latest power tool, or video play station or favorite videos are hiding there. It is just always so humorous. Yet sometimes, in all of the wrapping or placing those gifts in the bags these days, something seems to be missing doesn't it? Do you remember the excitement as a child of opening "the box"? Do you remember how much fun it was to either rip the paper off to get to the inside of "that box"? You knew what was in it before you opened it, but you couldn't get to it fast enough, could you?
How often in our lives do we take for granted what's important? I find myself way to often taking for granted the dearest things to me. I will sometimes have to tell myself to stop and remember the gift right before my very eyes. It is so easy today in the hustle of each day to forget about the things that are important: God, family, friends, and maybe even coffee! For those who know me best, they know that there is nothing like that first cup in the morning, is there? Yet, even then, I must be cautious that I not become unaware of the little things around me. I tend to go slipping around through the day not even realizing how wonderful that sunrise was, that first cup of coffee in the morning, and sometimes even after reading that first scripture verse, I move right along. I don't stop to consider what a blessing I have in my hands. I may even fail to think twice about that verse I read and yet it could be the one thing I will need by mid-afternoon.
Sometimes in the afternoon, I have a co-worker who will come in and we will share 1 piece of a little dove candy square or hershey kiss. Just one. Yet, how often have I overlooked or neglected the fact that it was not just that I was enjoying a piece of chocolate that completely melted in my mouth, but I was enjoying it with a friend. Many times, I've thought that little square was just going to be a pick me up or a sugar fix, and yet it was a moment with a friend to whom we shared a thought with the other or a prayer request. To me, those are better than the chocolate (I know ladies, that's tough for just about any of us to say).
I hope that you will do the same today. As you go about the day thinking about your To Do List or each little task you will have to accomplish in your work today, I hope that you will remember your "box" that was so exciting as a child to open. Or, maybe you'll think about your friend that you shared your chocolate square with today. I hope that we each will take a few moments to be thankful for the little things right before our eyes and not take for granted what might be in that "box" - it could be exactly what we've been waiting for today. Take just a few minutes today to remember your gifts, I will too and I will remember you - thanks for being a part of my "box".

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

A Splash of Color

Look everywhere around you today and see the beautiful colors the Lord has placed before you. Whether those colors be in the sky, the sun, the trees, or even in the people around you. I stand in amazment when I think of "His Design" in those around me and in the colors all around me. There is such vibrancy to all of it. How God must love color. I want you to think today of your color - what color do you reflect?
Yellow / Orange - when I think of these colors I think of things like the sun - things that shine so bright and vivid. How this must iminate the glory of the Lord. When you see pictures painted of the biblical stories, how often do you see the light from the box shooting toward the heavens or light around the throne - they iminate brightness and joy. When I think of these colors, I think of that very thing - God's glory bringing Joy.
Red - of course when I think of this color, I can't help but think of the blood of Christ pouring down the cross of Calvary. I can't help but think of love like on Valentines Day when my husband brings me flowers or things covered in hearts. I think of that love that Christ showed for me that day - wow - talk about your "true love".
Blue - when you look to the sky and you see those beautiful tones and shades dashed up there, I can't help but think of heaven. How beauiful it must truly be there. I think of the starry nights and even when the moon is peeking through the clouds, you can still see those tints of blue all around it. This color reminds me so much of the vastness of God and his power to reign over all. I think of how great He truly is and how even in His greatness He brings peace and life to me.
Green - of course when I think of this, I have to giggle a little. I think of the times when I was a child and would run through the soft grass with absolutely no shoes on my feet. What a beautiful feeling that was. I think of this color now and still giggle as my husband always says, "look, honey - everywhere - earth surface" when we see long and far away distances. Yet, when I think of this in a spiritual sense, I still must admit I have to giggle, only maybe in a sense of hesitancy as I think of the many stories where over and over God helped the Israelites and then how in their own selfishness and pride they would turn back to their foreign gods. How much like us today does that reveal some of the "ugly" colors in our own lives? Christ came to give life to us abundantly - yet how often do we turn away to other things that rob us of that abundance He has in store for us. His colors are always so beautiful and how He must find it sad that we would ever turn to the ugly colors of sin when he offers such beauty and splendor in his other colors.
So when you look around you today, think of these few simple colors and maybe add a few of your own. I'm choosing today to cover myself in lots of "color" so that I may reflect the whole picture of God. What colors will you choose? Will you choose to accessorize yourself with lots of color? Allow God to reveal himself through you and light up the life of someone else. Give it a whirl - add a splash of color and go color your world today.

Giving All

Giving it all...hmmm, the thought of really giving it all. Whether in word or deed, or even in our daily chores, in our workloads, do we really give it all? I know that I find myself sometimes stumbling along through this life wondering how I got from point A to point B. I can remember one time (and this is a bit scary to admit), but I arrived at my job several years ago and opened the car door. I stood there beside my car and wondered for a minute, "how did I get here?" I literally had driven the car to work and was so deep in thought that I hadn't even paused to think about the route I took to arrive at that place. This is one of those exercises you most definitely would tell someone - "don't try this at home, or behind the wheel, or ...admit to anyone else - you may find yourself in someone's chair in a doctor's office".
What I took away from that moment though was that I realized how often I go through life and through the motions wondering "how did I get here?" or "what am I doing here?" in this part of my life. I look now at things the Lord has done in my life and I wonder what part of that wandering about did I miss Him or overlook Him? Did I miss the worship? Did I forget that it was truly all about Him? Today, those moments are dear and precious to me when I stop, look, and listen for Him. I can take those moments with me everyday - that's worship! When I make everyday all about Him and I give everyday to Him by giving Him my all. When I give Him my all, I realize what worship is truly all about - it's all about Him.
Where are you today? Are you just wandering aimless through life and wondering how you got here? Are you caught in life's "stuff" and have forgotten about how to keep it all together? Even children are taught in school that if they are going to cross the street which could be dangerous for them, they are to STOP, LOOK, and LISTEN. My challenge to you today, my friend is that you take the same walk as that child in faith. Today, Stop, Look and Listen for the Lord. He will surely meet you and you will find rest for your soul. Then and only then will you find how to truly worship. Worship the Lord God Almighty and give Him your all.

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